Recipe wanted for Sabodet

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Recipe wanted for Sabodet

Postby The Idiot » Sat Aug 19, 2017 11:59 am

Hi, I've been searching for a recipe for Sabodet and have drawn a blank thus far. If anyone has a recipe that would be great, but also if anyone has any ideas that would also be good!

I'm not adverse to playing around with formulations a bit, and so far I have decided on the following:
    Sabodet is braised and served with a sauce, so some of the ingredients will be boiled first to allow for gentler cooking.
    The pigs head will be boiled and the snout, jowl fat and tongue will be cubed.
    The pig skin will be boiled and coarsely ground.
    The pork meat and beef will be coarsely ground.
    The meat will be cured for three of four days before stuffing.
    Seasoning will probably be limited to salt and quatre epices.
    The Sabodet will be stuffed into beef runners.

Of course, these assumptions could be way off kilter, so any other feedback would be welcomed.
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