A Christmas sausage!

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A Christmas sausage!

Postby Adam from Barwell » Wed Nov 22, 2017 1:18 pm

Hi all I'm after advice/recipe for a Christmas themed sausage, I'm thinking pork-bacon-cranberries-sage and spice but unsure on quantities to use, should I use less salt when adding bacon and how much bacon should I add?
Adam from Barwell
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Re: A Christmas sausage!

Postby wheels » Wed Nov 22, 2017 4:04 pm

I think that you've emailed me about this at Local Food Heroes Adam? I'll reply here to save doing it twice if that's OK.

You could base it on this sample recipe. The gm amounts make 1kg. Figures in brackets are the ingredients as a percentage of the meat:

Pork 778gm
Dried Cranberry 70gm (8.997%)
Dried Orange Rind 5gm (0.643%)
Rusk 50gm (10.283%)
Water 70gm (5.141%)
Seasoning Mix (below) 27gm (3.47%)

Seasoning mix, makes enough for 2kg - figures in brackets are % of mix:
Salt 20gm (37.7%)
Ground White Pepper 5gm (9.4%)
Dried Rubbed Sage 10gm (18.9%)
Ground Cloves 2gm (3.8%)
Ground Cinnamon 1gm (1.9%)
Ground Nutmeg 1gm (1.9%)
Sugar 14gm (26.4%)

I've suggested using dried cranberries, but you could use fresh if you want. I'd use semi-dried if they're available, or maybe even dried soaked in port. I'd rough chop them and add after grinding the meat.

Credit: Paul Kribs - this is an amended copy of his recipe - viewtopic.php?mode=quote&f=3&p=12897

This recipe has not been tested and is only posted as a starting point for further development.

If you use bacon and add 100gm raw bacon. You do use less salt when using bacon. I'd ignore the weight of bacon when calculating the salt, or even calculate the salt needed for the whole amount and deduct the amount in the bacon. The amount to add is up to you.
You may need to experiment to get the rusk/water ratio etc correct. by making 100gm lots and either cooking them as a burger, or wrapping them in cling film, tying the ends and then poaching them. As you've probably grasped, I'd omit the bacon... ...but then wrap them with bacon 'a la pigs in blankets'! HTH

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Re: A Christmas sausage!

Postby NCPaul » Wed Nov 22, 2017 11:11 pm

I've made Paul's recipe and it was excellent. I stuffed them into sheep casings and twisted them as they came out into one inch links so that I could serve them as cocktail sausages. I like the wrap in bacon idea. :D
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