Some English sausage recipes

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Some English sausage recipes

Postby _Darkstream_ » Sat Oct 30, 2004 1:51 pm

I have found some classical recipes in some old books.

I think they are worth a try.


1 lb wholemeal bread soaked in 1 pint (20 fl oz) water + squeezed

3 lb lean pork shoulder

1 lb fat belly pork

25 gr salt

8 gr pepper (presumably white)

6 gr mace

4 gr powdered ginger

2 gr rubbed sage

Coarse mince neat once. Mix in the rest. Mince fine, stuff.

Cumberland Sausage

4 1/2 lbs lean shoulder pork

1 1/2 lbs fat belly pork

6 gr sage

pinch of marjoram

25 gr white pepper

75 gr salt

100 gr breadcrumbs

Mince meat coarse. Mix in the rest and stuff.

Source: Farmhouse Kitchen II, Yorkshire Television, 1978

SEASONING for various sausages

Yorkshire Sausage

30% white pepper

1.75% mace

1.75% nutmeg

0.5% cayenne

66% salt

(appears to be a lightly flavoured white pepper)

Epping Sausage

15% white pepper

2% sage

2% powdered ginger

1% cayenne

80% salt

Manchester Sausage

16% white pepper

2% mace

2% nutmeg

4 % powdered ginger

3% sage

3% cloves

70% salt

Cumberland Sausage

24% white pepper

1% cayenne

1% nutmeg

74% salt

APLICATION RATIO: 15 gr/ 1/2 oz to 1 lb of finished sausage meat.

Source: A Book of Sausages, Hipsley Coxe (no other info available)

Seasoning Ingredients (no ratios available)

These were taken from backs of modern sausages on sale in supermarkets. Worth trying out by the experienced members who already have a feel for proportions. If any of you do try and are successful, please post for the rest of us.

Cumberland - white and black pepper, sage, mace, marjoram, ginger (presumed

Oxford - sage, nutmeg, corriander, Worcester sauce

Lincoln - white pepper, cayenne, sage

�HERB� sausage - basil,chives, parsley, sage, lemon zest, black and white pepper,
marjoram, sage, thyme

Apple - sage, nutmeg, ginger, cinnamon

�Sicilian� - 10% fennel (presumably seeds), wine 2%, garlic, basil, sage, oregano

Red Pepper - chilli, roasted red pepper, paprika, sage, dried tomatoes

I have had some success with a low fat sausage using silky tofu to replace most of the fat. It appears to need 2 to 3 times the ammount of seasoning, probably because there is so little fat to act as a flavour carrier, and the tofu is not as effective for this as real fat.

The recipe is not ready yet, but I will post it if it becomes truly effective. Nevertheless, they are definitely starting tho tast "sausagey".

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Postby deb » Sat Oct 30, 2004 2:22 pm

Thanks for this Darkstream. My initial try at sausage making was only a partial success so I'm trying to get as much info and recipe ideas as I can and I'm sure this will really help. Hubby will be around a bit next week so we're going to try out some different recipes/spic&herb mixtures using some pork mince and then frying as patties, just to get an idea of what and how much of different things we like.
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