WARNING Don't buy this BOOK on eBay

Recipes for all sausages

WARNING Don't buy this BOOK on eBay

Postby Parson Snows » Sat Nov 13, 2004 10:09 am

Below is the text of two emails the query and the response
Be forewarned that this item is available at www.stuffers.com FOR FREE, don�t buy it on eBay. For your information his/her description of the book starts "This auction is for a complete cookbook that provides recipes for any sausage lover. My grandmother complied this cookbook years ago ....". Member since Jan-05-04 in Bahamas


Dear Sir/madam

First of all congratulations on a very interesting collection of sausages recipes in your pdf file. I will forward some corrections/suggestions/improvements to you shortly. However, the reason that I am getting in touch with you at the moment is that this collection is often being sold on ebay by awchristler, who states that his Grandmother prepared the book some years ago and that all copyrights belong to him. I know this as I recently purchased a copy of it. He/she hasn't even taken out the spaces where it once said www. stuffers.com as if you run the cursor over these areas it still says stuffers. I will be writing to ebay also.

kind regards

Parson Snows

Sausage 'n' Such Co. Ltd.


Dear Parson,

The collection of recipes I began when the internet was quite young. I maintained an ftp site where people could download the recipes as required. A fellow by the name of Doug Morton assembled them all into an pdf file for me. Like you, I met him through the internet and I have since lost touch. I no longer maintain the recipes and I would not be able to make any changes because I don't have the software necessary. I am disappointed to here that this individual is selling these recipes for the were always intended to be freely available in the spirit of the early days of the internet. I did not copyright the material for these reasons.

I do appreciate you informing me of this individual and I will also complain to Ebay. Your company name sounds intriguing. Let me know if you have a website.

Best regards,
Stuffers Supply Company

*** end of text

Hope that this is of some use to you.

Kind Regards

Parson Snows
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