The great Elk Heart Confit Fiasco

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The great Elk Heart Confit Fiasco

Postby Dingo » Mon Feb 03, 2014 4:01 pm

Pondering on what to do with an Elk Heart i've had in the freezer for a while, i decided to try my hand at Confit. I've never done it before but the concept seemed simple enough.

********WARNING....If you like happy endings avert your eyes now! Things didn't go as planned. However if you're a narcissist and enjoy a good old failure at someone else on. *********

So the first step is to render some lard. (another first for me) I did this in m y crockpot. It seemed to work well but took forever to strain through coffee filters.



Ok...lard done. Time to clean the heart and cure it. Cleaning the heart was pretty easy. I sliced in vertically down the center and layed it out. It's pretty clear what needs to be trimmed out.


Cure & Spice mix bagged and heading for the fridge for a few days.


Out of cure & rinsed. I sliced of a small sample and fired it to test salt levels. It was a tad salty so I did a 24hr fresh water soak.


And this my friends is where it all started to go wrong :roll:
In the plethora of reading i'd done on confit, i came accross the idea of vac packing the meat with the lard and cooking in a water bath. Seemed like a good idea...use less lard...less mess..better temp distribution etc. So i did;


Concerned that the lard would distribute, i put the bags into some warm water to soften the lard and then massaged it all around the bag/meat.


And then into my dutch oven. This photo should've been my first sign of impending disaster.

Placed a plate on top to keep it all submerged and into the oven @ 190F for 4 hours.

4 huers laiter....

All the bags burst spewing the lard into the water mix and water into the bags :cry:

I dont know how long along the cooking process this happened, but I ended up with a more simmered than confited heart :cry:
I fried up a sample...

It was very tastey but very dry. I think i'll be able to use it in a cassoulette or something like that, but after a week of preparation this was a bitter failure :oops:
I'll try again next time
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Re: The great Elk Heart Confit Fiasco

Postby Dogfish » Thu Feb 13, 2014 5:40 pm

At least it's an edible failure. Make up a ragu -- I did one the other day with venny heart and a half a pack of chicken giblets. Throw in some wild mushrooms, cream, tomato paste.
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