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Preparing a brisket for roasting/slow cooker

PostPosted: Thu Oct 20, 2016 11:30 am
by klephtZA
Hi all

I'm looking to the experienced butchers/smokers in the house. Wasn't sure if this should go in Beginners or Chatter so...

I picked up a tin of spiced coffee rub from the local supermarket and wanted to apply it to a brisket roast in the oven/slow cooker. So off I went to the local butchery and ordered myself a brisket. It came bone in at around 8kgs :drool: .

Should I go ahead and debone/trim the brisket before applying rub and roasting or is bone-in still "good"? This is my first brisket rodeo and I do have enough to do three roasts so, depending on the answers, I may attempt one of both and then try my preferred method on the third.