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Postby rayjay » Mon Dec 18, 2017 4:55 pm

The only experience I have to date is making Italian sausages with a hand grinder rigged to work with battery powered drill/driver and forming skinless using cpvc tubings that one (capped end) fits snuggly into the other and presses the meat out in tubes onto the tray for freezing.
I bought an electric grinder, #12 size, 500W and decided to make wieners as ground pork was on sale.
basically it was 1.2K of meat, 230g crushed ice and salt and spices added. After overnight sitting in the fridge at 1°C, I used my food processor to "emulsify" the mix and then proceeded to add to the grinder to use the stuffer setting.
Now my problems began.
The mix was extremely sticky and it was not easy to push down the throat of the grinder, and when using the tamper, the tamper would be VERY restricted when trying to pull back up.
Also, unless I forced the tamper, the meat wouldn't come through the nozzle and into the casing.
Then, when cleaning up, I found that the pressure exerted also forced mix through the back end and into the cavity where the grinder engages with the power supply.
It was a very different experience to making sausages with my hand grinder and non emulsified meat.
Can anyone tell me what I might have done wrong?
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