I think I screwed up... advice, please?

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I think I screwed up... advice, please?

Postby chilehed » Thu Aug 02, 2012 1:04 pm

Attempting prosciutto for the first time, I made sure to pack the gambrel slit with salt really well. But just realized that when I rinsed the salt off and hung the ham to dry, I tied the slit shut.

So since I didn't use any nitrate or nitrite, and there's no air able to get in....

Damn. It's been hanging over 30 days at 58F. What, if anything, can or should I do now? Would there be any point to opening the slit up to get air in there? Would it be possible to cut away the flesh within a certain distance and save it? Or is there already so much risk of botulism that I should pitch it?
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