Recipes: Bacon Cures

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Recipes: Bacon Cures

Postby Hobbitfeet » Sat Apr 09, 2005 5:55 pm

Oddley writes:

Bacon cure

Meat 10 kg

Sodium Ascorbate = 5 gm
Salt 2% = 184 gm
Sugar 1.02% = 102 gm
cure #1 = 17 gm (100 ppm)
Saltpetre = 2 gm (200 ppm)

Weight of Cure = 310 gm

Usage 31 gm per kg

Parson Snows writes:

3.488 kg (7 lbs 11 oz) Salt (76.744 %)
907 g (2 lb) Sugar (19.956 %)
150 g (5.25 oz) Cure #1 (3.300 %)
Total Cure weight 4.545 kg (100 %)

Use the above cure mixture at a rate of 100 g per kilogram of meat; therefore if you are going to cure a piece weighing 10 lbs (4.5359 kg) divide everything by 10

Ayrshire Bacon The following recipe has been taken (verbatim) from �The Scottish Cookery Book� by Elizabeth Craig � 1956

1 small side of pork
6 oz. salt
8 oz. moist brown sugar
1 oz. saltpetre
1 pint white vinegar (UK pint)

You must use home-fed pork for this bacon. Bone it, then mix the salt with the sugar and saltpeter, and rub it well into the pork, paying particular attention to the cut side from which the bones have been removed. Place in a dry pickling pan (my note: non-metallic) or crock, and sprinkle any of the pickle that remains over it. Leave for 3 days in a cool place, then sprinkle with the vinegar. Turn the pork in the pickle daily for a month, then remove from pickle and hang up to drain for 24 hours. Flatten it out on a board, then roll up tightly, the rind outwards, and fasten into a roll with strong string (my note: refer to sketches below). Hang up in a current of air. Leave until quite dry, then boil and serve cold, or slice and fry or grill.

Aris writes re. Black Bacon

Put dry cure on belly, then rub in black treacle. You really do need to work it into the meat. As your hands warm up the treacle, it seems to spread more easily, and stick to the meat.

I use about a tablespoon for a 1-5-2.0kg piece of belly.

At the end of the curing process, I wash the belly in cold running water, pat dry, then leave uncovered in the fridge for a day or two.
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