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first cheese success :-D

PostPosted: Wed Nov 11, 2015 5:18 pm
by johngaltsmotor
Well, I took a leap and made my first attempt at cheese last night. Milk was on sale last week so I got a few extra gallons to experiment with. Just a simple fresh mozz. My only concern is that I might not have stretched it enough. It was too warm to test last night so when I get home from work I'll cut into one and see if it's stringy enough or still grainy in spots.

It was a lot easier than I expected, the sink of warm water was able to maintain temperature around the pot really well. Great, just what I needed, another hobby to try to find time for ;-)


Re: first cheese success :-D

PostPosted: Wed Nov 11, 2015 6:18 pm
by wheels
Superb, and it looks a great result.

I keep threatening to make cheese, but never seem to get around to anything more than the Panir types.


Re: first cheese success :-D

PostPosted: Fri Nov 13, 2015 5:03 pm
by johngaltsmotor
I definitely could have used to stretch it more. I made a second attempt last night and realized just how much more stretch you can get. Guess I was just chicken the first time (kinda like my first emulsified sausage where I was afraid I was going to have it break).