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Experimental cheese.

Postby Rik vonTrense » Wed May 03, 2006 9:08 am

I made this cheese four days ago intending it to be a stilton truckle but time got the better of me so I changed the formula to a hard cheese.

Basically it was four litres of whole milk and a pint of single cream with a danone and buttermilk starter and Vegeren.

After curd cutting and stirring I kept to the 31C temp for an hour and then started to increase the temperature to 40C over the next hour of pitching.
I then removed half of the whey and continue to pitch for another half hour
the curds had shrunk by this time and were quite firm. There was no tendency for the curds to mat and normal hand stirring was all that was required.

I strained off the whey and put it in a stilton bundle for four hours under 10lbs weight .

I then milled the curd and added salt and srayed it with Penicillin Roquefortium.

Hand packed it into the truckle mould and then pressed it in my small press with about 20lbs for three days. inverting twice a day.

It is showing good colour on the tops and bottome and is also coming through the sides where I buttered the crust.,

It weighs of at 840 grams thats 1lb 13.5 Ozs.



.I will see how it develops it should be a hard cheese with blue veining.

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