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First Stilton Pics

Postby markh » Mon May 15, 2006 7:36 pm

These are my first attempts, each is about 1 lb 8oz.


The taller used a tin about 4" diameter, the squat one is about 5" in diameter using a 'modified' biscuit bin. The 5" cheese is newly decanted from the mould, 4" one is about 4 days old here, and was 'buttered' with a blue cheese mix cos' I didn't use much in the mix.


The eldest is now 8 days old and starting to show some more interesting colouration. I am thinking it may be due for needling - any recommendations gratefully recieved :)

I see in Rik's Gorgonzola recipe that they are needled vertically. Are Stilton's traditionally needled from the sides, from the top, or both?
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Postby Rik vonTrense » Mon May 15, 2006 8:26 pm

Stiltons are traditionally needled from the side but only to the centre of the cheese and it is done in one foul swoop with about a dozen needles at a time in line

Your cheeses are looking great and I would let the crust harden a bit more before you needle as with the collander type mould it is needled from the top and this does not affect the shape but if yours are needled from the side too soon it can encourage it to go pot bellied.

Well done I am pleased that all of you seem to have made a very good effort I think I should come round and hand out the "stars"

When you go into the supermarket and see the price of mature stiltons you can have a smirk and say I can make that out of a gallon of milk.

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