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Kitchen Stilton

Postby saucisson » Wed May 17, 2006 8:16 pm

I'm making a stilton, but only with equipment I already have. This could be interesting, or a complete disaster...

I found a piece of stilton rind at the back of the fridge that I had to microplane to get anything from. I set up in a 2 gallon brew bin, and went ahead.

Now to the interesting bit, I have no cheese cloth.

I have a large pasta boiler pot with a strainer, I lined the strainer with "NEW Bounty doesn't tear when it's wet" and strained through that.

I then wrapped the Bounty over the top. placed another couple of pieces of Bounty over that and put an Antique French cast iron pan lid on top.

As the draining progressed I then put a 17p 2L bottle of Tesco water on top of the pan lid, followed by a second later on.

All looks wells far;

My truckle will be a can of Homebrew malt extract with the ends cut off. The advantage of this over a fruit can is that the previous contents make 5 gallons of beer :D
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