Beef and Cow Dairy

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Beef and Cow Dairy

Postby vagreys » Thu Jan 06, 2011 6:32 pm

I am allergic to all things beef. It is a true allergy (dose-independent reaction) causing a severe GI reaction 60-90 minutes after ingestion. It does not cause anaphylaxis. I was distressed to discover that cross-contamination only requires food to come in contact with a mere drop of beef juices (as on a grill or cutting board, etc.), and I have as severe a reaction as if I ate a mouthful of steak. I found this out when I ordered fish tacos, once, and they turned the fish on the grill where a hamburger had just been cooked. The allergy doesn't extend to other bovines, like bison.

I have what I would characterize as an intolerance for cow dairy (dose-dependent reaction) that causes a milder version of the same reaction as I have to beef. The severity of the reaction depends on how much diary protein I'm exposed to, and I'm certain that it isn't a lactose intolerance, because I have no trouble with goat milk, which has more lactose than cow milk. I also have very little trouble with clarified cow butter, but whey powder and powdered non-fat dry milk, and mozzarella cheese all tear me up.

Does anyone else have to deal with anything like this? It was this allergy that got me into processing my own meat and sausage, years ago.
- tom

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Postby jloaf » Thu May 12, 2011 11:13 am

that sounds really nasty. You have my sympathy.

I have no allergies as such but I do have a strange reaction to cheese.

I can eat no cheese without it making me ill, unless it has been heated in which case I'm fine (and actually enjoy it)
The amount of heat is trivial - a slice on top of a burger, or grated onto pasta and I'm fine

I can find no-one else who suffers this, nor can i find any reason
Maybe an enzyme thing?

At least it's easy for me to avoid...
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