Alternative burger bun?

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Alternative burger bun?

Postby BMII » Thu Jan 30, 2014 10:58 pm

Just playing around with ideas, since my last batch of sausages came out brilliantly and I've got this new Kenwood Chef and grinder to play with while I'm virtually house bound and friends often pop round to help me out with things and I make them lunch.
Planning a kind of ultimate burger but with steak haiche using braising/chuck steak, but I don't want a bog standard burger bun, I want something I can make myself to compliment the quality of the meat.

I was thinking of making soda bread rolls but someone suggested these may be too heavy?
And I've never made any kind of bread, then I thought of pitta, something without yeast preferably.

I remember my great gran used to make some kind of bread that may have been soda bread,I don't know but it was yellow, fluffy, and light.
I think she used to put butter in it.
If it was soda bread I've never eaten anything like it since!
Looking for something I can make on the day or store overnight to be reheated and will freeze either as baked rolls or dough to be used later.

I don't have bread maker and don't want one so the rolls will be done on a baking sheet in an electric oven and it would be kind of nice to have them cooling while I fry the steak haiche but serve them still warm and a little crusty if possible, I may toast one side of the bun.

What I'm looking for is something easy but light and fluffy, am I wrong about soda bread rolls?

Total novice on baking bread so any ideas/help would be appreciated.

I kind of like an English muffin texture if that helps but I love flat breads like pitta or naan.

Bear in mind I use cups and spoons for measurement, my scales are pretty useless but I can get some if need be.


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Re: Alternative burger bun?

Postby denty632 » Fri Jan 31, 2014 1:28 am

I was watching BBC2 last night and am planning to make these ... -buns.html

This weekend.

I always use Wheels soft bread rolls normally, but want to give these a try...
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Re: Alternative burger bun?

Postby funksteruk2 » Fri Jan 31, 2014 10:29 pm

some good ones there from one of our admins
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