my experience with sour dough.

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my experience with sour dough.

Postby kimgary » Tue Jul 20, 2010 9:00 pm

Hi All
I found a recipe for Emeck, (turkish bread) and duly made the 3 day starter.

After delving deeply into sour dough on the internet on day 3 I fed it 1 cup of wholemaeal flour and 1 cup of filtered water.

I then came across a internet recipe for "The easiest sour dough bread recipe" 1/2/3.

My starter/mother was bubbling and smelling good, so I followed the lead and took :-

1 X 250ml of starter.
1 X 250ml of filtered water.
2 x Tsp salt.
3 x 250ml of strong white bread flour.

After basic mixing with a wooden spoon I decided (not much experience) that the dough was very dry, I duly added enough water to bring the dough together.

Leaving at room temp for 12 hours the dough seemed very wet!!.

I folded it with a scraper onto itself and then poured it into my le crouset pot.

Baked at 200 c for 30 mins lid on then 10 mins lid off.


Round bread about 35 mm deep, crust was too custry, think 25 mins, lid off 5 mins would be better.

I sliced about 10mm thick topped with tuna lightly seasoned with sea salt, black pepper and garlic, divine.

I think the little amount of wholemeal flour in the starter really contributed to the texture and appearance of the loaf, will have another go and try and produce pictures.

Learning more and more as i go along, must try the Emek recipe as well!!.

Regards Gazza.

Ps I think I added too much extra liquid and with hind sight it would have matured into a more maneagable dough rather than a batter.
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Postby wheels » Wed Jul 21, 2010 3:55 pm

An interesting recipe. I must try it when I'm off my low carb diet.

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