Required Aitch Bone removal ?

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Required Aitch Bone removal ?

Postby ScottFornaciari » Mon May 06, 2013 8:08 pm

I need to ask for your advice on removing the aitch bone from two prosciutto (i) that I am curing. I raised the pig myself to about 300 lbs. and we use a ranch butcher to come and do the kill and rough butchering before taking it to the store butcher. Well, he had a bad day before me and things went poorly. I asked him to remove the aitch bone and he claimed ignorance to what it was. In my process through cleaning the leg etc I never got to understand the aitch bone importance. Fast forward 40 days and the hams are ready to be rinsed, larded, peppered and hung. We put both into a large commercial refer that I used for the salting, turned it up to about 55 degrees.

When we did the salting, I used a food grade restaurant tub, put a 1 1/2" layer of Kosher salt on the bottom, filled the tubs around the hams with salt like a snow drift and then another 1" on the top. The entire ham was coated since it wouldn't have "stayed" on otherwise. Since they were about 35-40 lbs I left them in this for 40 days. About 20 days into the process I progressively started to stack concrete step pavers for weight as I had read to get the moisture out.
They smell great, one spot had a start of mold where the leg was sitting against the tub w/o salt - so I cut that out.
We rinsed them with water, then rinsed them with vinegar and then put lard on them and coated them with black pepper. Wrapped them in cheesecloth and and tied them to hang in the refer.

My question. Are these prosciutti going to get bone sour from not removing the aitch bone?
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