Botulism Test?

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Botulism Test?

Postby Dingo » Thu Dec 26, 2013 6:54 pm

This might be a paranoid/morbid question, however I'm curious.....

I follow/understand all the information and advise from this forum and Mariansky etc, (re the hurdles and safety etc)) however I still feel like i should personally test any fermented/cured/aged product before I give it to family & friends. To date I eat a couple of slices of salami and see what happens.(My wife is an ER nurse and aware of the test) I've researched the symptoms of Botulism to be aware of its effects. So far, knock on wood, all I've experienced is the pleasure of eating home made salami. :D

My question to you home salami makers is;

(a) Are you as paranoid as me?
(b) How long do you wait? (Medical research says up to 72hrs for adults)
(c) How much do you eat for the test?
(d) & finally, do you test by the batch or individual sausage? (i.e my current 2 batches are 6 x 500gm sausages)

Just curious :D
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