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Items for building a curing chamber

PostPosted: Tue Sep 10, 2019 11:34 am
by crlclarke
HI Guys

New member and looking to build a curing chamber. Im a brewer so i already have a temp controlled larder fridge and im looking at adapting for curing. Well, only when i dont have beer in it!
I will use the Inkbird humidity controller, and already have the inkbird temp controller.
Heat comes from 2 65w bar heaters (2 as its a big fridge at 1.8m tall)

for the humidity i was thinking of this dehumidifier ... 3265491889

Im stuck at the Humidifier - Do you guys use one? If so most of the ones ive seen have push buttons to turn them on and that wont work when you just cut power in and out via the controller. So which one do you use?

Im based in UK Kent, chamber will be in single skinned outbuilding.

My real question here is do i need a humidifier or is there an easy way to do this without one??
My first attempt is going to be Chorizo.