Lidl Caulking gun.

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Lidl Caulking gun.

Postby yotmon » Mon Feb 11, 2013 12:12 am

I know they have been featured before, but I was in Lidl yesterday and found an aluminium bodied caulking gun for sale @£3.99. It looked ok for the price so decided to buy it. Had a pound of sausagemeat in the freezer so tried it out today with an already owned plastic nozzle that fitted perfectly. All in all not a bad filler, the trigger is long enough to give good pressure and it worked well. A small amount of meat worked its way behind the 'piston' head (just a round piece of plastic) but with a bit of home engineering a decent one could be made to replace it. This can be used if you are only making small batches at a time, save getting out the 'big guns' and I would say works infinitely easier than trying to shove it through a mincer.

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