TEFAL "Caveau du Fromage" (big thumbs up)

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TEFAL "Caveau du Fromage" (big thumbs up)

Postby GUS » Tue Oct 08, 2013 5:48 pm

Probably the most boring looking present to give some poor unsuspecting cheesaholic foodie (living with non cheese eating entities) :roll: poor wee things!

Yup, had this had a long term try out for the past 12 -14 yrs that I can remember & cheese larder, pong purifier & potential relationship saver...

I have purchased several for cheese club foodies who, at least to my face have appreciated the lump-o-plastic with charcoal activated filtration.

Vastly extends lifespan of cheese in good condition within it's confines (go for large size not small), in old / new generations of fridge, potentially saving us a small shedload of cash on wasted cheese after a pre & post christmas, "don't want to see anymore darn cheese till Easter moments" ..it HAS happened to me.

Lakeland or a tefal outlet store, to be found easily, basic, plastic, dishwasher proof, opaque lidded, strong tupperwareish type base, removable carbon filter (recommended change every 3 months ,..."phooey" your nose'll tell you or find the extra's whilst scratching around a cupboard 3 years down the line like me!

Seems pricey, till you weigh up moulded lost at the back-o-fridge cheese.
Wouldn't, couldn't, shouldn't be without it imho!

Typically £14.95 32 x 19 x 9cm H. (12 1⁄2" x 7 1⁄2" x 3 1⁄2").
we'd have divorce papers served a long time back citing "cheese based cruelty" t'was it not for this boyo!
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