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Sausage Stuffers ? Electric or manual ?

PostPosted: Fri Jun 09, 2017 12:20 pm
by jerkymeister
Just got a new electric stuffer, used it and Im not sure TBH, my Trispade manual one was excellent but awkward for one person , when a gear went I invested in an electric but its a bit, well, erm, shit ?
my mix has to have so much water in its almost slurry, the speed says variable, not that variable TBH, and on a slightly tough mix it seems to push, then go up a mil, push again, go up a mil.
I made a batch of game droewors and Lincolnshire pork sausages and it was runnier than Ive ever had to do it before, anyone else use this model ? any suggestions ? it came with no instructions and MASSIVELY dented, Im waiting to hear back from the supplier, but not that impressed TBH, am I using it wrong ? any suggestions ? ... Sw8w1YBwq2