Hello from Idaho!

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Hello from Idaho!

Postby CopperBB » Mon Jan 21, 2019 9:41 pm

So I am new to this forum, but not new to forums in general. My first forum was a diy audio/sound system forum that I joined 18ish years ago when I thought that I needed a stereo loud enough for my neighbors to enjoy... in their basement. I grew out of that, much to my neighbors relief. at that time I was of an age that my love for firearms could be fulfilled. so bought guns and I joined gun forums. In order to feed my shooting habits cheap ammo, I took to reloading. so I bought a press and joined reloading forums. don't let anyone tell you that reloaded ammunition cheaper than store bought,that is a lie. you never save a dime, and if you do tis because you are saving up to buy some more reloading equipment. I then got into casting my own bullets and joined a bullet casting forum (the artful bullet) of which I am still an active member. Along this entire timeline say 2005 to present I've been a modest hunter, but never joined a hunting forum. lately I've had some successes and find myself in a meat surplus. I've made most of my mistakes with jerky. I've learned to never leave the house with the smoker going, I've learned to (sneak up on) gradually approach the maximum salt content incrementally, I've learned to fry up a test piece before I load the smoker, I have learned that following a recipe is much more likely to be successful than experimenting, I've learned that small batches are best for load development, I've learned that I can eat my mistakes alone and share my successes with anyone. I am here to listen and learn and help if I can.
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Re: Hello from Idaho!

Postby DanMcG » Tue Jan 22, 2019 11:05 am

Welcome to the forums!
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