Torresmos Prensados (Portuguese pressed scratchings)

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Torresmos Prensados (Portuguese pressed scratchings)

Postby Swing Swang » Mon Oct 03, 2022 8:34 pm

In Portugal we press our scratchings into a block. The Brazilians sprinkle them with salt and drink with cachaca which is most agreeable, even for breakfast!

Recipe is pretty simple:
Chop all fat/skin/ears/snout etc into small cubes and simmer in water for 4hrs. Allow to settle and skim off the rendered fat and retain for use elsewhere. Drain off the remaining water (which makes a great jelly for brawn/pies etc). Continue rendering down the remainder, again reserving the fat for use elsewhere. Toast the scratchings, and continue skimming off the fat. When the scratchings are toasty and dry put them into a press (I used a tongue press, but you could use a stainless cheese press) and allow to cool. The block that you are left with is the pressed scratchings: ... 3.JPG?dl=0
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