Help with Berkel e-222 grinder - stalls

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Help with Berkel e-222 grinder - stalls

Postby haeffnkr » Tue Feb 25, 2014 5:58 pm

I bought used Berkel e-222 grinder.
I got it cleaned up and put it all together.
I tried to manually sharpen the plate and knife on a piece of granite and different sheets of sandpaper and emory cloth. I did fair job sharpending it... not great, the plate had some grooves in it that I need to have machined out.... anyway...the plate is 1/8".

I put it all together with some light food oil spray and there is no issue with running it at no load, no meat in it.
Sounds good, no gear whine, etc. I was ready to put in my 5 pounds of test meat.
Meat was cold, cut up in 1 inch chunks, no bones in it, pork shoulder.
I had to snug up the big retaining ring pretty hard to get the meat to come out cleanly and not mush.
I stared to feed the meat agaiin and the grinder almost stopped a few times when it initally ground the meat.
I fed the grinder slowly and did not use the push rod at all.
So all that said - What ar the next steps?
Is the motor weak? This is a 115v motor/unit.
Are there brushes to replace?
Did I snug down the retaining ring to hard? (ran fine with no meat in it....)
Thoughts on how to test the torque of the motor to trouble shoot the motor end or the grinder end?

Documents below - ... _parts.pdf ... K46705.pdf

thanks Kevin
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