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Marinated anchovies Spanish style (Boquerones en vinagre)

PostPosted: Thu May 03, 2012 9:38 am
by grisell
Boquerones is an exclusive Spanish specialty, often included in tapas. Here is my recipe.

1 kilo whole anchovies, very fresh, frozen and half thawed
250 g fine sea salt

4 shallots, sliced
6 garlic cloves, sliced
1 bay leaf
6 tbsp parsley, coarsley chopped
1 tsp dried thyme (or 1 tbsp fresh)
1 tsp hot chili flakes
Black pepper
1 lemon, juice of
300 ml white wine vinegar
appx. 200 ml dry white wine

appx. 600 ml extra virgin olive oil

The very fresh fish must be frozen for a few days in advance to eliminate possible parasites. Mix the half-thawn whole fish with the salt. Refrigerate for 48 hours. Turn the fish around a few times.

Pour off the liquid. Gut the fish and remove heads and backbones. It's easy after the fish has become firm from the salting. Layer with the spices in a suitable tray. Add lemon juice, vinegar and enough wine to cover. Marinate for 24 hours.

Again, pour off the liquid. Add olive oil to cover. They are ready to eat immediately. Refrigerate. Will keep for a few weeks. The oil will congelate, but it liquidifies readily when serving. After the fish is gone, the left oil can be strained and used in e.g. salad dressing.

This is the product I use. It is real European anchovies (Engraulis encrasicolus).

After salting (I used coarse salt which didn't dissolve. Fine salt is better).



With the marinade.


PostPosted: Thu May 03, 2012 1:17 pm
by salumi512
This one looks tasty.

PostPosted: Thu May 03, 2012 3:37 pm
by Dogfish
They sure do.