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Freecycle ..good source for fridges & freezers.

PostPosted: Wed Jan 01, 2014 3:35 pm
by GUS
I'm a member now of 4 local freecycle groups.

There is a plethora of working fridges & freezers of all sizes.
The quandry for me, as a right old green hippy type, is that my scruples are troubling me, i've yet to find a non-working unit, as i'd obviously have to rip the guts out of it, & if something is working to it's original design, it should be kept imho.

All the mining, production, freight, packaging etc, ..well I can't get over the hurdle that i'd be busting something that still worked.

what do I do? (& yes I will continue with my MK1 bionic cheese burner).

Need some rationale in my life!

On another positive i've been offered plenty of free 25 mm pir foil foam insulation for the mk1 cold smoker outer, unless it's (really useful within the house) ..again via freecycle, & also a source of thicker free pir foam foil insulation for a big smoke chamber & house renovation work ..just need to get hold of a large empty commercial van for a 45 mile trip to get it. :(