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Venison sausage

PostPosted: Sat Oct 31, 2020 6:51 pm
by Ian Wright
Looking for some help.
I have a Bradley smoker I would like to try making venison summer sausage.
My question is how long and at what temperatures will I have to get them too?
I will be using fibrous casings
Any other tips would be appreciated.

Re: Venison sausage

PostPosted: Sun Nov 01, 2020 11:56 am
by NCPaul
The Marianskis suggest starting the smoking step at 43 C for 6 hours then gradually increasing the temperature until the internal temperature of the sausage hits 60 C. It is important that the smoker temperature is increased slowly. As a plan b, I would consider poaching to finish the sausages chilling in an ice bath after.