Not a BLT - more of a BLC...

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Not a BLT - more of a BLC...

Postby sevorg » Thu Mar 01, 2018 7:45 pm

A bit of a ramble coming on... As many of us do, I keep the leftover sausage meat that remains in the stuffer elbow and nozzle for making sausage rolls and the like. Somehow we didn't manage to use it all last Christmas so I decided to amalgamate the remaining three batches and turn them into proper sausages using the cheapo £4 ebay stuffer I bought for making prototype batches. I labelled these BLC's as they comprised of (B)reakfast, (L)incolnshire, and (C)umberland.

We had these tonight and they are absolutely brilliant! Before making my own, my favourite commercial sausages were Porkinsons. Unfortunately they started to disappear from the supermarket shelves quite a few years ago, eventually went bust, and I've never found a good alternative. I tried tweaking a few recipes but never got anything I would compare to them, but the above combination is very close indeed.

I will take my spreadsheet recipes, combine them and post the ingredients list for anyone who fancies a go or is a fan of the old Porkinson!

For the record they were consumed with mashed potato which had an indecent quantity of butter, double cream and milk incorporated, along with curly kale, carrots, swede mashed with an equally indecent amount of butter and freshly ground white pepper, an onion gravy and freshly made English mustard! (All vegetables home grown.)
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Re: Not a BLT - more of a BLC...

Postby wheels » Thu Mar 01, 2018 10:23 pm

Sounds interesting I look forward to trying the recipe. IIRC Porkinsons were swallowed up by Kerry Foods and then dumped.

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