Use of B&P "special meat binder"

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Use of B&P "special meat binder"

Postby dopp creek » Mon Nov 18, 2019 11:44 pm

Hello all-
I was reading some old threads and some one commented that in order to get juicier sausage, they used Butcher & Packer "Special Meat Binder" instead of milk powder or soy protein. The instructions for that binder call for 2 oz/25# meat. My question is, is the binder used in lieu of milk powder or soy protein, or in addition to? The volumes are so different; I might use a cup of soy powder in a 5# recipe of polish type sausage and the amount of binder is seemingly minuscule in comparison.
Anyone have any experience using the binder that can offer some guidance? Let's just use Grandpa Jumbo's Polish recipe (found on this site) as the reference for discussion.

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Re: Use of B&P "special meat binder"

Postby DanMcG » Tue Nov 19, 2019 6:48 am

Hey Dopp Creek, the special meat binder is a phosphate or combination of phosphates. It's typically used at a rate of 0.3% and no more then 0.5%. It seems like a small amount but that's all it takes.
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