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Meishan Pigs

PostPosted: Sun Nov 04, 2012 4:13 pm
by bundarra
For anyone interested in finding a breed that is excellent for charcuterie, we now have in the UK Meishan pigs available. Meishans carry around 2.5 -3 inches of back fat which makes them ideal for making Pancetta, Guanciale and Lardo, a delectable Italian charcuterie made by curing fatback. In Italy it is often cut thinly and served as an anitipasto. Its this fat that produces exceptionally juicy, well-marbled meat which lends itself perfectly for cured meats such as salamis, hams and prosciutto as well as non-cured pork cuts. In Japan it is considered a super-premium delicacy where it regularly appears on menus in top-class restaurants. Similar to our traditional breeds, Meishans are slow growing but can be taken to the abattoir at around 7-9 months. They are also ideal for families and novice pig keepers as they are easy to ideal and incredible docile.