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Postby Upsidasium » Thu Dec 08, 2005 1:48 am

I just boned out 4 turkeys and a number of chickens last week. The sausage turned out very nice- Chicken Apple, Turkey Basil (w/basil I grew myself), Hot Links- But here is the problem....

I can't fit anything else in the freezer because the bones are taking up so much room.

My background is food service. My motto is: Everything into the stock pot. But I can only use so much stock at one time.

Here are some thoughts, maybe some of you could give feedback.

What is to stop me from roasting these bones, and then making a highly reduced stock to add to sausage? The viscosity seems like it would do some good. Do I risk making them to wet or to strong in flavor?

Obviously, I know the best way to figure this out is to practice it. I was wondering if some of you w/more experience could chime in.
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Postby Erikht » Thu Dec 08, 2005 6:09 am

Make your stock. Then pour it thru musslin, and set cool. The day after, remove the fat, and then reduce heavily. The stock will keep for ages with the fat removed.

Pour the cold, very reduced stock(reduced to just short of burning-keep an eye on it), and pour it in ice cube bags(easier to store than trays). I got the stock from a whole deer in the freezer, in just 7 ice cube bags-it takes no room at all.
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