Metric Recipe Conversions

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Metric Recipe Conversions

Postby Parson Snows » Tue Dec 28, 2004 1:10 pm

Metric to Imperial conversions

Typically most so called �metric recipes� are based on a unit weight of 25 grams [which is slightly less than one (1) ounce (28.34952 g)], and a liquid unit of half a litre (500 ml) which is also less than one (1) Imperial pint (568 ml). Though the overall metric amount would be ten (10) percent less these ratios can be used to work out a more accurate conversion ratio as follows.

25 g to 500 ml (1/20) is proportionate to 1 oz (28.34952 g) to 1 Imperial Pint (568 ml) which is also ≈1/20.

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