Clam chowder?

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Postby Dogfish » Mon Mar 26, 2012 4:30 pm

I'd do Manhattan style with canned whole tomatoes, strained fresh clam broth (run the clam steaming liquid through paper towel or something like that to clear out the sand). Then I'd toss in chunks of fish, the steamed clams, prawns etc at the end so they wouldn't dissolve. Sometimes I'd use broth made from the fish heads and bones minus gills and guts -- only do the fumet for about 20 minutes otherwise it gets dark tasting and bitter. I'd say it was more of an Italian-style seafood stew. The biggest benefit is a walk on the beach and two minutes with a handline on the dock would get everything for the meal.

Boston-style clam or fish chowder was basically the same as everyone else put up: kernel corn, salt pork/bacon, potato, broth, black pepper, salt, fish, and a little flour roux. A little smoked fish can also be nice.

Yours looks great. Any trouble with curdling?
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