Bacon problem

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Bacon problem

Postby numnutz » Wed Apr 17, 2013 2:18 pm

Hi - I'm having trouble with my bacon. I am using Pork Loin and a ready mixed bacon cure plus a 8 hour cold smoke. I am very satisfied with the bacons taste, texture etc. Unfortunately on the last two cures on slicing the bacon the 'medallion' almost separates from the rest of the rasher leaving two pieces of bacon for each rasher. I slice using a small amateur electric slicer with the meat almost frozen. The last two joints of meat were purchased from a butchers "farm shop" as opposed to a supermarket and I felt they were rather wet compared with the supermarket joints.

I wonder if anyone can help diagnose what is happening. If it is caused by extra water in the meat can anyone let me know of a butcher preferably one on a farm who sells their own animals and hopefully therefore will not adulterate their meat with water within easy reach of SW London.

nn :)
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