First attempt at Salami

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First attempt at Salami

Postby Scotlander » Wed Mar 12, 2014 11:46 am


I tried making salami and chorizo for the first time 19 days ago.

I used the ox casings, cure number 2 and a starter culture bought from along with the River Cottage recipe.

They have been hanging in my cellar at around 12-13c and 65% humidity.

I was expecting to have to wait about at least a month but they feel about ready now but there is not a great deal of mould growth, however whats there is white and chalky.

I was hoping someone could offer some advice on the following questions:

Is the humidity too low? If so what can i do.
Should i be expecting more mould?
Is it too early for them to be ready?

I tried some of the Chorizo last night but in a recipe that invovled cooking it and it was good.

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Re: First attempt at Salami

Postby bwalt822 » Fri Mar 28, 2014 2:56 pm

The way that most people gage to see if salami is ready is to weigh it and see what % weight loss it has seen. Otherwise all you can do is cut the end off one and see what it looks like inside. Unless you used small casings, 19 days seems too soon. If you didnt use mold 600 on the outside you might not get a lot of white mold growth. 65% might be on the low side but I don't have experience on raising humidity in an open space like a cellar. You could try inclosing them in some kind of box which would raise the local humidity.
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