My Sausage Filler has a Flaw!

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My Sausage Filler has a Flaw!

Postby Sausage_Man » Mon Jun 02, 2014 11:34 am

Hi Guys

Please excuse this post if it may sound silly but I recently purchased a Mellerware Mincer that came with a Sausage Attachment.

Previously, I had a Kenwood Chef Attachment and it worked quite well although the Filler Attachments was a little worn out and would keep tearing into the casings so hence I went out and got myself this little dedicated machine to help me make some great sausage at home.

I first tried to make Droewors - the mincing went well and I managed to easily load the Sheep Casings on to the filler attachment. Now just to put you into the picture of how this machines operates differently from my Kenwood machine. With the Kenwood machine, when you put the Filler Attachment - you have to remove the mincing blades and then install the filler attachment. With this new machine, the Mincing Blade stays in place and the attachment goes over it - so in essence the meat first passes through the blades and then into the casings. The problem I have with this is a lot of water with all the flavour leaks out for some odd reason - a problem I have never experinced with the Kenwood machine.

Does anyone else have a filler like this and is my suspicions correct in saying that I am loosing a considerable amount of flavour when filling sausage - water sprays out the sides of the filler attachment.

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Re: My Sausage Filler has a Flaw!

Postby herjac » Mon Jun 09, 2014 12:42 am

I'll post as nobody else has...... I watched the video and was surprised when the lady assembled the grinder with the stuffing tubes over the cutting knives.

I have never seen a stuffer like this. My advise is to buy a stand alone vertical piston style stuffer. I'm not sure what size this grinder is or what cutting plates are available for it. Generally this type of grinder/stuffer unit has a open style piece after the cutter so that there is no mincing carried on while stuffing. If it is a common size then you might be able to find the open style piece to replace the plate with the holes.

In general most people are more satisfied when using a purpose- built stuffer than with the stuffer tubes attached to the grinder unit, even on the more expensive units.
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Re: My Sausage Filler has a Flaw!

Postby RodinBangkok » Mon Jun 09, 2014 1:25 am

For that type of auger construction you can usually just install the auger, leave out the blade and the plate, then screw on the collar with the tube in it. There is usually enough force holding the auger into the motor to keep it in place. If there's too much play and the auger slips out and quits turning, then try putting the largest plate in without the cutter blade. That may change your texture somewhat beyond what the auger will do, the last thing to do if your texture is changing a lot would be to take a plate and mill out all the holes leaving 4 spokes to hold the center auger bearing in place. Hope all that makes sense! Using a grinder for a stuffer will always change your texture, a dedicated stuffer is the way to go if you get more serious and picky about your coarse sausage texture.
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