Curing salami in a "cigar "humidor" mini fridge

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Curing salami in a "cigar "humidor" mini fridge

Postby Dp97la » Wed Jun 01, 2016 11:54 pm

Hello all, just a quick question, I'm just beginning to get all my facts about curing salami.
The one problem I'm dealing with is that it's too hot here in Los Angeles.

I was considering in buying a cigar humidor. It's like a mini fridge that controlled temperature as well as humidity. Was thinking about hangingand curing my salamis in that. It's even pretty dark with its own fan to keep the air flow fresh. I'm just a bit worried with Los Angeles weather being too hot that the salami may go rancid if I leave it out to cure.

Has anyone tried this before ? Hanging salamis in a controlled cigar humidor . Would it work?

Thanks again,
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Re: Curing salami in a "cigar "humidor" mini fridge

Postby NCPaul » Thu Jun 02, 2016 10:24 am

Welcome to the forum. :D I would check with the manufacturer and ask to see how the temperature and humidity ranged over a period of time. Ask also if it can de-humidify or if is just capable or adding water vapor. Early, in a small space, the problem will be bringing humidity down even with cooling cycling on.
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