I've made about 1,500 sausages so far, a few questions

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I've made about 1,500 sausages so far, a few questions

Postby gussygus » Wed Nov 30, 2016 2:05 pm

I own a barbecue restaurant and we've been making sausages the past few months that we smoke. I've learned a lot the past few months, but I'm still having some issues, probably newbie issues.

I have a separate mincer and stuffer. The mincer is commercial-grade, the stuffer is a hand-crank with maybe a 2-3 liter canister, I find it suitable for our use. I use natural casings and make a variety of sausages: Texas-German sausages, Cumberland, Chorizo, etc.


Question 1: I have problems with the casings bursting in the stuffing process. Sometimes the casings will get stuck on the spout thing (like grip on) while the meat is still coming out and it will burst. My solution is just to move the casing toward the end of the spout so it feeds out easier and also to keep it wet with water. Does oil help? Any tips?

Question 2: Same as above except I have problems with the casings bursting when I twist them to make links. The casings I have seem sensitive, some seem more sensitive than others. Out of 30 links, at the most I'll burst 5, sometimes none. I tried making the sausage a bit more loose than full and plump since they tighten and plump up when you twist them.

Question 3: I also have issues with air pockets, I have a toothpick handy to poke the sausages with air in them. Are poked holes ok in sausage? I haven't noticed any juices leaking during the cooking process.

Question 4: Are collagen casings more durable than natural casings?

Question 5: Is it better to tie the first end when stuffing or leave it open until the end?
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Re: I've made about 1,500 sausages so far, a few questions

Postby NCPaul » Wed Nov 30, 2016 8:36 pm

Welcome to the forum. :D
1. Several things may help, try soaking the casings for a longer time before using. Some advocate a small amount of baking soda in the soaking water. You might consider getting a stainless steel horn. You might also try a smaller size, though this may lead to an increase in air pockets. Oil is not known to help.
2. We don't know your casing supplier, there is only one in the US that uses domestic casings. More expensive than some but I've been happy with the pre-tubed casings from Syracuse Casing Co.
3. I use a pin, you can also buy a sausage pricker. Fill the stuffer with small handfuls and press down as you go.
4. Yes but also in the mouth. :D
5. I always start open ended.
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