Need to break up my sausage making session...where to stop?

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Need to break up my sausage making session...where to stop?

Postby soopirV900 » Sat Dec 10, 2016 4:23 pm

Hi- I'm relatively new to this, I've got a few emulsions under my belt, and for Christmas Eve I'm making a big chocroute garnie for a group of about 15. I have such fond memories of this dish from visits to Strasbourg, and want to recreate the authentic dish to the best of my ability. That includes making two french sausages that I've never tried before: a strasbourger/knack (a bit like a frankfurter with embedded fat cubes a la mortedella, but much smaller), and a montbeliard, a smoked pork sausage. I've got recipes I trust, and each calls to cube the meats and fats, combine with spices and cure, and refrigerate for 24 hours. Then the meat is ground, and then the montbeliard is chilled again overnight (the strasbourger gets emulsified and stuffed at this point). Once the motbeliard is stuffed, both are bloomed, and the montbeliard is smoked. I don't have the links to the recipes right now or I'd post them, but my question is related to how to take breaks in the above process?
I planned to start the process on December 20, but now my job is sending me overseas, leaving in 2 days, returning very late on the 20th. Can I front-load any of those steps this weekend, like cubing and beginning the cure/seasoning of the meats, letting them sit for 10 days in the fridge? This way when I return, I jump right into grinding. Would it be wiser to cube the meats today, apply the cure and seasoning, and after 24 hours, instead of grinding, freeze the meats? Then, when I start back up in 10 days, thaw the meats enough to grind? I don't want to overcure.


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Re: Need to break up my sausage making session...where to st

Postby NCPaul » Sun Dec 11, 2016 11:43 am

I think the meat with salt and cure would be fine for ten days in the fridge well sealed up. Welcome to the forum. :D Let us know how it works out for you after Christmas.
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