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crumbly sausage and over stuffed

PostPosted: Tue Jul 18, 2017 6:23 pm
by floppybackend
It was late last night when we were doing this and time has been getting on. Finished at midnight.
My sausage meat are too big for the casings. I couldnt remember how to do it all and getting the casing on the tube. All was coming out fast but far too much in each sausage now they are splitting on cooking. There is no simple instructions with this machines.

I put all mix through the mincer 3 times - 12, 12 and 4 I was concerned about it going too mushy like cheap ones.

I made a little pattie and tasted nice flavours good not salty. I was happy.

The butchery supplied me with the pork bits from my pig I thought it was fatty lots of fat went in. So I couldn't gauge the % of meat to fat but I would easily said over 20%

13kg of paste made.

They are splitting on cooking and they are very bitty and fall apart taste a bit like mince in the mouth not really pleasant. I am gutted as I have made them before much better texture also the colour they are more red when cooked than the usual pink or grey.

I used a mix from Paul Peacocks book a cross of Gloucestershire and breakfast. Once again I feel deflated. I need to keep things simple as farmers wife with 2 children and 101 other things to do.

Now I have 13kg of poor quality sauasages to get the kids to munch on was hoping to put them on the bbq for a party but not sure what the boys will think of this.

Is there a way of improving these perhaps better in stews. What about the colour is this because I didnt use a chemical mix? How to stop the casings from over filling. Stupid instructions dont state what size tube to use and how to get the casings on.

Should the mix be more pasty? Finer grinder?

Re: crumbly sausage and over stuffed

PostPosted: Wed Jul 19, 2017 10:17 pm
by wheels
Maybe post the recipe here so that it can be checked.

I'd uncase them, mix the mince until it's sticky and smells like raw sausage meat - it will change texture and smell, and restuff them. Mixing the salt and meat create a thing called myosin which makes the difference between mince and sausage-meat.

Whether I should advise you to do this is another matter! I'm sure the hygiene police would have an issue with it!