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Problem about casing (Tough,Snap,crisp)

PostPosted: Fri Sep 22, 2017 5:20 pm
by kev_e92
Hi there,

I have some questions about casing texture that I can't find anywhere and to you guys, it seems not a big problem. :P

First one is about English sausage, from what I know, the case of English sausage should be easy to chew, not rubber-like and tough like chewing gums.

For this, if I soak the natural case for 30mins. It still tough. And the meat inside seem a bit loosen, it's not attach to casing when you cut or eat it.

I have to soak it for over 6 hours or over night then the problem is fine, the casing has the right texture and the meat is attached to the casing like a commercial one.

Question is
- why is it that long? I see many of your advice state that just 30mins is enough or 2hours is fine, but not for me, 6hr+ only.
- Or it depend on the casing supplier? because I live in Thailand and maybe Thai pig is different? :lol:

The process about casing that I do is
- Soak casing over night
- after stuff, put it in fridge for 4+ hours (Not hanging, just in a plate)
- put it in 70c water or steam it around 70-80c for 30mins.
-Cool down in cold water and (Sometime dry it by fan) and pack it

Am I doing it right? Is there anything I can improve on?

Second one is about casing in Bratwurst, this one I want the casing to have a crisp or snap texture like they are in Bratwurst kiosk in Europe.

For this, I can soak it for 30-60 mins. but the method is a little bit different.

What I do is
- After stuff, I put it in 40-60c oven for 3 hours to let the casing dry out.
- Chill it in the fridge
- put it in 70c water or steam it around 70-80c for 30mins.
- Cool down in cold water and dry it by fan and pack it

The oven and fan thing to let the sausage dry are what I get it from local people. And it is quite good for me about the casing texture but as you can see, oven for 3 hours is a bit waste of the time and even not meet the safety std. (There is no cure in my Bratwurst)

Questiong is
- Is it the right way to get the crisp/snap casing texture? what is the root of getting that texture? to dry it?
- What if I want casing to be snappier, how can it be done?
- If I grill, pan fried, oven it, the casing has a good snap. But it is still tough if I microwave it. Is it normal for this type of casing?

Thank you very much for your help.

Re: Problem about casing (Tough,Snap,crisp)

PostPosted: Sun Sep 24, 2017 10:14 am
by DanMcG
I typically soak mine over night or longer, so it's not just you.

As far as your second question goes, I can't answer it but I love to know the answer to the perfect snap.