How to use meat grinder?need help.

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Re: How to use meat grinder?need help.

Postby badjak » Mon Apr 02, 2018 5:59 am

I would say that the most important part is to keep everything you are going to grind very cold.
The meat shouldn't be frozen, but just defrosted.
Also put the mincer and all its parts in the freezer before grinding.

What else: cut the meat into appropriate size pieces for your machine, then cool again before using.

COLD is the magin word :)
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Re: How to use meat grinder?need help.

Postby RodinBangkok » Tue Apr 03, 2018 10:46 am

Watch your blade orientation, the flat sharp side should go against the plate, seems stupid, but more than once when told the grinder is not working right I’ve checked and found the blade to be inserted backwards.

Make sure your plate ring is screwed tight, this is what holds the blade securely against the plate, if the ring is loose you probably won’t get a clean cut.

Trim your meat of any sinew or grissle if your grinders start to output slowly and is taking a lot of force to push meat thru you may have a bit of sinew wrapped around the blade area blocking the plate holes, this is common when not trimming properly as the blade may not be cutting this tough tissue and is stuck against the plate.

Never let your dirty grinder parts dry out, a real hassle to get dried meat cleaned on the inside, once grinding is completed all our parts go in a bucket of hot water till full clean up time.

Get a set of brushes that fit well inside your grinder body, makes getting those inside corners and recesses clean.

If you have steel plates, once they are clean and dry rub them with a few drops of veg oil to prevent rusting.

You may find that you will end up with more fat than is required for a formulation, we scale ours to a fixed size and freeze in a shape that fits in the grinder, so we can grind hard frozen fat, but this may depend on the power of your grinder, you may have to let it thaw some first.

If your formulation and procedure allows don’t forget you can easily grind veg like onions garlic and herbs with your meats, can save a lot of time prepping.

Sausage making aside, don't forget you can save a bundle by grinding your own mince for burgers, loafs, etc. Especially knowing you can control the fat content and do custom blend burgers to your liking. I don't think we've purchased pre minced meat in 20 years.

Hope this helps.
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