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Smoke then poach?

PostPosted: Wed Apr 10, 2019 4:38 am
by dopp creek
I do my big meats on a Traeger pellet grill and tried sausage on it once. I just do not have the lower heat settings nor fine adjustment needed to make a polish sausage. My thought is to run 3-4 hours of smoke by setting an Amazin device with my pellets in it. Last time I tried that my temp inside was about 90 degrees. From what I’ve read here, I should be starting at 120 and then raising my temp roughly 10 degrees per hour til I hit the IT of 154. Could I take my sausage out at the end of the smoke and then throw it in a hot water bath and do my progressive heat rise on the stove? Start at 120 degree water and gradually ramp up? I would love to hear your opinions. Thanks!