How much casing will I need?

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Re: How much casing will I need?

Postby wheels » Sun Mar 24, 2013 8:40 pm

Nobody wants to waste casings, but it's difficult to how how much you'll need.

Forum member Oddley developed a program to do the calculations for you.

The executable program file (.exe) is in a zip file that can be down loaded here.

Download it here.

When downloading the file, a warning may appear telling you that the file may be dangerous, something like this:


Using the menu that appears when you click the 'down arrow' on the RH side of the warning, select the option to keep the file: it's true that it's not 'commonly downloaded', but not that it's dangerous!

On receipt of the zip file, extract the files and run the file: casing.exe

Please read the help files. Start the program and press the F1 button on your keyboard. It is strongly recommend you read them. The program can be adjusted to meet individual requirements and different sizes of casings by adjusting the settings.

(The original forum thread about the calculator is here)

In addition, or as an alternative, the chart below can be used to calculate an approximate amount of casings that will be required:


It is an updated version of one originally posted by forum member sausagemaker. The original reads:

sausagemaker wrote:Hi all

As requested please find below the information regarding sausage casing length to sausage size.
Please be aware that these are approximate due to the calibration of the natural casings you will be using. If you are using collagen then there is no reason why you should not be able to achieve these figures or even better them. ...


Edit: new image pasted in as old link dead
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