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Mincer Grind Definition's

PostPosted: Sat Mar 05, 2022 1:21 am
by spudie
Grinder Plate Hole size.
I think grind size is one of the understated tips that can be passed onto a beginner sausage maker.
Not the be in all but pretty high of all the things that need to be taken into the context when looking to replicate your favourite sausage.
Have read that.
Fine is < than 5.0mm
Med is 5.0 - 20mm
Coarse is - > 20mm

Dont want to get into international debate but what are the views from our experts & beginners alike.
For myself - fine is < than 5.0mm
- med is 6.5mm to 8.0mm
- coarse is > 10.0mm
These are the sizes I have collected over the years.
All comments appreciated :)
Spudie - Oz