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A soft Italian cheese used in cheesecakes and Italian pastries.

It may also be served instead of cream on deserts.


1 quart of single cream. Quarter tsp of Tartaric acid. Makes nearly a pound of cheese.

In a double boiler heat the single cream to 180F.
Add the Tartaric acid to the hot cream and stir for several minutes.

The cream should slowly thicken into a custard like consistency with tiny flecks of curd noticeable.

If the cream does not coagulate then add a tine touch more of Tartaric acid and stir for five minutes.

Do not add too much acid as a grainy texture will result.

12 hours (overnight)

line a stainless steel colander with a double layer of fine cheesecloth.
Pour the curd into the colander and drain for one hour then place the colander in a bowl and drain overnight in the fridge.

Place the finished cheese in a covered container and keep in the fridge use within two weeks.
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