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This is the quickie with cows milk but it is great for Pizza
and stretches a mile the kids love it�.and it is a much
cheaper that the buffalo Italian one.

You need a two gallon bucket.
One gallon of milk
One and a quarter teasp citric acid powder.
Quarter tsp rennet.
Half cup cool water.
And a microwave oven.

Milk in the bucket in the sink at 88F
Dissolve the citric acid in half the water and mix well.
Add this to the milk and stir vigorously.(SV)
Mix the rennet with the rest of the water and stir into the milk and SV

Allow milk to rest a 88F for 15 minutes to coagulate.
You should now have a clean break if not leave it until you have.
Cut the curds into 1 inch cubes and let it rest for 15 mins.

Now you have to cook your curds this is called pitching.
Raise your water temperature slowly to 108F and keep this
Temperature for 35 mins. The curds should shrink.

Drain the curds in a lined colander for 15 mins.

When the curds have drained they are ready for the microwave
And the stretching process.

Stretching process.

Break up a cupful of curds onto a microwave safe plate or bowl.
Add salt to taste. About one tsp to a pound of cheese.
Place the cup of cheese in the Mickey and heat for 50 seconds.

Without burning yourself knead the cheese ball and turn it inside out
With your fingers and thumb palms once you have seen it done it is
Easy but you will soon pick it up all you are doing is stretching it and
Keeping it in a ball. As it cool put it back for 25 seconds.

Do this until the ball becomes opaque and shiny�.continue with the
Rest of the curds.

Wrap in cling film and keep in the fridge for two weeks or freeze for
Six months.

Enjoy your Pizza���..

Hob Method

Save some of the whey and put this in a double saucepan and
Bring to 150F

Do not salt the curds as this will leech out in the hot whey but brine them afterwards.
Place a cupful of curd in the hot whey and move it around with
A slotted spoon until it melts and becomes pliable.

Then take it out on the spoon and knead it by turning it inside out
And stretching it. As it cools and becomes firm redo it in the hot
Whey. Becareful not to burn yourself. Do this until it becomes
Opaque and smooth.

Brine solution 8oz salt to 1 quart water.

shape into balls and place in a brine solution for 30 mins or to taste...remove from brine and air dry before wrapping.

Ball it and wrap it it will keep in the fridge for to weeks or freeze for
Six months.



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