Dutch Gouda

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Dutch Gouda

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Gouda is a cheese of Dutch origins and is a washed curd cheese.
It has a smooth texture and a tangy taste. It looks very distinctive
When covered in red wax and this cheese. If you can find a gouda
mould anywhere to make the traditional shape it's better.

10 Minutes. (Yougurt and buttermilk starter)

Warm two gallons of whole milk to 90F.
Add mesophilic starter culture and mix thoroughly.

1 hour 15 mins

add one teaspoon of rennet in cool water and gently stir
into milk for 1 minute and top stir for 3 minutes.
Cover and leave the milk to set for one hour.
Using a curd knife and ladle (big flat slotted spoon) cut the
Curds into half inch cubes and treat the curd very gently.

2 hours 15 mins

Raise the temperature to 100F during the next 30 mins no
faster that 2 degrees every 5 mins stir the curd continuously
being very gentle. Do not break the curds.

Continue to stir the curd for the next 30 mins keeping the temp at 100F
At ten minute intervals remove 8 cups of whey from the pot and replace it with 8 cups of water at 100F.

This should be done three times. Diluting the whey gives the cheese
it�s smooth texture.

Pour off the whey and allow the curd to matt into a lump in the pot.

5 hours 55 mins.

Line a 2lb cheese mould with a cheesecloth and add the curd breaking as little as possible.
Place the follower and press at 20lbs for 20 mins.
Invert the mould and press at 30lbs for 20 mins.
Invert the mould and press at and press at 40lbs for 3 hours.
Remove from the press.

8 hours 55 mins.

Make a 20% brine solution by mixing 1.25 lbs of coarse salt in
half a gallon of cold water that�s about 3 cups of salt.
Float the cheese in this brine bath for three hours
making sure the container is non corrosive.


Remove the cheese from the brine and pat dry with paper
towels or clean cheese cloth.

Turn onto a cheese board or mat and air dry for three weeks
at 50F. Turn the cheese daily and remove any mold during this
time with a vinegar rag.


After drying the cheese may be waxed but is not essential.
Gouda may be aged for several months before being eaten
and should be stored at 50F with 85 RH and turned several
time per week.
Any mold growth can be removed with a vinegar rag.

Variations Caraway Gouda. Jalepeno Pepper Gouda.

.This is a Gouda made from 2 gals whole milk and one pint double cream.

Just out of the press @ 40lbs for 3 hours and brine bath for 3 hours.


Weight of the cheese is 3lbs 5.5ozs.
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