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Re: Brican's Maple Bacon

PostPosted: Sun Aug 16, 2015 9:25 am
by kil2k
I sent some back with my brother, and he cooked some up for the folks. My Step Dad raved about it, so I decided to give it another go with some cous cous. The maple flavour has really mellowed, and it's a far nicer overall flavour profile!

My mustard and Doombar bacons also turned out fantastically. The Doombar bacon was similar to this process, but with more salt, and a lot more fresh herbs [rosemary, sage, thyme] while curing, then bathed in Doombar for a week. The mustard bacon was simply cured with several tablespoons of wholegrain mustard added to the cure mix, then vac packed & nurtured for 14 days. Neither were smoked.